Here are 7 Reasons you Shouldn’t Buy an iPhone

In terms of reasons why iPhones are bad, this has been the year of hell. We’ve also been exposed to an increasing amount of iPhone blather. Enough is enough! It’s time to get rid of this dumb phone once and for all! And, believe me, that’s all it is…a dumb phone!

It is not a cure for cancer, it will not solve global warming, it will not feed the poor or offer shelter for the homeless. It’s just a mobile, and it’s about time someone traced a line in the sand and said, “This far, and no more with the iBlather!”

So, here are seven reasons why you should NOT purchase this over-hyped junk:

  1. Too Costly

Is Apple kidding us? What, $599 for a phone? Gosh Even if it has a few “gee whiz” and “it’s neat” capabilities, no smartphone is worth that amount of money. With the cost of this behemoth handset, Apple has gone completely off the rails.

Why would anybody be so naïve as to pay so much for a mobile phone? Are people so hooked on blabbing on the phone that they’ll pay $600 for the privilege? People ought to have a life. Do you just want to squander your money lining the coffers of Steve Jobs and his Apple chums? Instead of squandering $599 on yet another over-hyped, over-priced Apple commodity, put it to good use.

  • Small Storage

As with the iPod, we can still call on Apple to fuck us up with insignificant quantities of storage space. The $499 iPhone has 4GB of storage, while the $599 iPhone has 8GB. What does Apple want people to do with the minuscule amount of storage space? Consider this.

The much-touted iPhone is said to be able to play videos as well as music. So, how many movies will you be able to store with just 4GB of disc space? And how many songs can you fit in your bag? Not to mention any other information you might need to carry with you. The $499 iPhone should have had at least 500GB of data storage, with the top-of-the-line edition having at least 800GB, preferably 1 terabyte.

  • Stylish and idiosyncratic

There’s no denying that the why not to buy iPhone is “stylish” at first glance. But isn’t that the case for all of Apple’s products? They have a nice appearance but have so little value for the price? If you just want to be a jerk who overpays for an iPhone just to look good for a few minutes? Don’t ignore that no matter how “stylish” you are, most users will have an iPhone sooner or later, and you’ll just look silly.

See Also:

  • No Flash or Java Support

Flash and Java are the fundamental components of the online experience. Nonetheless, Steve Jobs and his henchmen have unilaterally agreed to remove them from the iPhone platform experience. Too much for Jobs’ earlier blather about “the internet in your pocket.” Instead, it’s something of a “crippled, crappy, lame clone of the Internet in your pocket.”

  • 5G Support

When you buy me an iPhone for about $1100 plus taxes for a mobile, you want it to be future-proof. Networking is an important factor of smartphones, and the current iPhone Pro models lack the most recent 5G network coverage.

Even if the global rollout of 5G networks is only in its early stages, in the next year or so, you can see an increase in the number of network providers providing 5G services. If you purchase these latest iPhone Pro models now, you will be excluded from the 5G ride.

  • Big notch and outdated design of the iPhone 11

The latest iPhone 11 Pro series has a massive notch and the same style as its predecessor. In comparison to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series, the OnePlus 7 Pro, and other flagship smartphones, this style seems obsolete. In about a year or two, the handset would be almost out of date.

  • Safari

One of the most frustrating and surprising aspects of the iPhone is that it comes with the second (or third or fourth-rate?) browser, Safari. I like to refer to it as Crapfari because far too many websites do not fit well for it for me to deem it a true browser. Instead of including a true browser like Firefox, Apple opts for its bastard stepchild. Then it has the audacity, the audacity, to unleash the same bug-ridden piece of garbage on Windows right before the launch!

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