How to download status on WhatsApp?

The WhatsApp status feature allows you to share details of your day with your friends! You can upload videos and photos on your status which will be removed after 24 hours – much like the stories feature of Instagram and Snapchat. It is very easy to upload or view someone’s status, but things get tricky when it comes to downloading them. WhatsApp does not have an official method for downloading or saving someone’s status, so you are at a loss if you really like a video your friend uploaded but can not save it. However, there are a few easy alternate ways to save your contacts’ statuses which we have compiled for you:

1. Saving Status Manually:


Whenever you view any status, WhatsApp saves its file on your phone temporarily for 24 hours. You can save this file on your phone in a new location and access it whenever you want to. For this, you will need a File Manager app. If you do not have one on your phone by default, you can download and install Solid Explorer or ES File Explorer

  • First view the status which you want to save so that WhatsApp copies a temporarily file to your device
  • Now, open your Files Manager app
  • Go to the settings of the app and enable the “show hidden files” option
  • Open the WhatsApp folder and go to Internal Storage
  • Click on WhatsApp > Media > Statuses
  • Look for the image or video that you want to save and copy its file
  • Paste the file to a new folder


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The status which you selected is stored permanently in your device and you can access it whenever you want.

2. Using a dedicated app:

There are numerous third-party applications that allow you to save WhatsApp Statuses permanently on your phone. One of them is Status Saver which makes saving statuses an easier task.

  • View the Whatsapp status which you would like to save
  • Now download and install Status Saver from the Google Play Store
  • After the app is set up, grant all the necessary permissions, especially allowing access to media, photos, and files on your device
  • Open the app and go to the WhatsApp folder
  • Select the files which you want to save permanently and click on the save icon
  • These images will be saved in your phone’s internal storage and you can access them whenever you want


This is a very simple way to download videos or pictures from your friend’s status without risking any harm to your device.

3. Using WhatsApp Web:


It is now possible to download and save Whatsapp statuses on your PC or laptop. It will be saved in a folder in your device and you can open it whenever you want. For this, you will need an active internet connection, your phone, and your laptop.

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