How to Avoid Getting Banned on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has over a billion users who actively share numerous types of messages daily. This makes users vulnerable to receiving spam or any harmful content. my WhatsApp number is banned how do unban any accounts that are suspected to be indulging in such activity. This is to ensure the safety of users and to discourage the spread of such messages. There are two types of the ban – temporary and permanent.

An account is temporarily banned if it is using an illegal or unofficial source. WhatsApp gives you a chance to switch to the official version during a certain period of time, otherwise, your account is banned permanently. You are also at risk of being temporarily banned if you make too many groups with a lot of members or forward the same message many times. Your account can also be banned if someone reports/blocks you or if you send many messages to an unsaved number.



The permanent ban usually occurs if you have been temporarily banned multiple times. This is dangerous as WhatsApp does not even allow you to send an email for any queries. Moreover, the number which is banned cannot be reactivated no matter what. According to WhatsApp’s Terms and Services, they have the right to expel users without notice. So you never get a warning if your account is being banned.


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Here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts if you want to avoid getting banned on WhatsApp:

  • Do not use a third-party, unofficial, or illegal source to send messages on WhatsApp
  • Do not send a lot of messages in a short period of time
  • Avoid sending a lot of messages to unsaved contacts. This means that you are sending messages to people you don’t know, which is considered spam. Try to save a contact before sending a message to prevent this problem
  • Avoid getting blocked or reported by anyone as it can even lead to a permanent ban.
  • Do not add an unusual name to your WhatsApp account
  • If you need to spend a lot of messages, wait for around 30 seconds before sending each one
  • Have a good proxy so that your IP matches with your contacts country
  • If someone has blocked you, do not send them a lot of messages or try to contact them
  • Make sure that the contact you are sending a message to has a WhatsApp account
  • Avoid sharing links that were previously considered spam by WhatsApp
  • Do not use yowsup-cli
  • If you want to send a message, make sure that the contact knows you who are. If they find you suspicious, they can report you for spam or even block you
  • Prevent your bot from running alone for too long. From time to time, open WhatsApp and scroll through some messages to confirm that you are an active user
  • Avoid using WhatsApp Web if your phone is not connected. It may work for a while, but can end up getting you banned
  • If you are using multiple accounts using the same IP address, and one of them gets banned, immediately stop all activity of the other accounts. If you don’t do this, all of your accounts will get banned.
  • If you get temporarily banned more than once, be extra careful over how you use WhatsApp, the kind of messages you send, and who you send them. Getting temporarily banned even 2 to 3 times can result in a permanent ban on your account. When this happens, there is no way of your account being recovered, along with all your data.
  • Always back up all your data so that you have access to it even after your account is banned

In case you end up getting banned and want to recover your account, you can send an email to [email protected] about your queries along with reasons why they should unban your account. This is only possible if your account is temporarily banned.

  • When your account is initially banned, you get a popup with two buttons.
  • Click on the Support button



  • Next, click on “none of the reasons above
  • WhatsApp will now open your Email Client and compose a message. Do not press Send yet



  • First, you must change the ID to [email protected]
  • Next, you must write a personal message as to why your number should not be banned
  • Now, include the log file that was generated



  • You will now receive an auto-response saying that the matter is being looked into
  • After around 4-24 hours, you should receive a message from WhatsApp and your account must be activated.
  • However, you must remember that this method does not always work. It all depends on what the WhatsApp server detects, and if they think that it is safe to activate your account.

If your account is permanently banned, you must first uninstall WhatsApp along with any files related to it. Then, factory reset your phone if possible. Get a new IP address and install WhatsApp again. Send a message to a new and reliable number and then wait for a few hours before sending more. Be careful not to get banned again.

how to activate banned WhatsApp number policy of temporary and permanent bans proves that it cares about the safety of its users and takes strict actions against anyone who violates its rules. Though, it is very inconvenient if you are the one getting banned, you can be reassured that why WhatsApp banned my number is a reliable and safe messaging platform. Just avoid doing any of the things that we have listed for you, and you are good to go!

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