How to hide your online status in WhatsApp Web To Protect Privacy?

The virtual world has come a long way from when it first survived on SMS only. Multiple updates have been made and applications have been released which make online communication much easier for everyone. WhatsApp is one of these messaging platforms allowing users to have a much simpler and instant means of communication. WhatsApp online hide is used worldwide by hundreds of millions of people and is the most famous messaging app today.

However, with all of these conveniences come to a lot of problems. This mainly consists of privacy and security issues. The most common concern of users is that their personal information is displayed for all their contacts to see.

To solve this problem and keep its users satisfied, WhatsApp has introduced a new policy that allows you to hide your online status on WhatsApp. Your contacts will no longer know when you were last online, or if you currently are. There can be a number of reasons why you do not want people to view your online status. For example

  • You are at work and do not want to be disturbed
  • You do not want any late night notifications interrupting your sleep
  • You want to be able to give late replies without being confronted for it
  • You want to reply to people at your own ease or convenience
  • You want to ignore your contacts for some time
  • You do not want other people to know your online activity

All these reasons are valid for wanting to hide your online status. Your private information is completely in your control and you can choose whether you want to display or hide it. Though the online status is visible to all your contacts by default, you can disable it whenever you want if you follow these steps.

  1. Open WhatsApp on your Android or iPhone:



  • If you are using Android, click on the three dots at the top right corner of the page. Then click on Settings
  • If you are using iPhone, select Settings from the menu at the bottom of the screen.

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2. From Settings, click on Account



3. Search through the list of options and click on Privacy



4. Now, click on Last Seen



5. You will now have three options



  • If you select “Everyone”, it means that all your contacts will be able to view your last seen
  • Clicking on “My Contacts” will lead you to a list of all your contacts. You can choose which ones you would like to hide your online status from
  • “Nobody” means that none of your WhatsApp contacts will be able to view your online status


            6. After selecting your desired option, your online status will be visible to no one, some people, or everyone, depending on your selection.

Another way to hide your online status is to turn on the Airplane Mode on your phone. However, this will disable all notifications, even those other than WhatsApp. But, it does guarantee that you will be able to use WhatsApp while your online status will only display your last activity before turning on Airplane Mode. Try out both these methods and see which ones work out for you!

Using these methods, you can easily control your own privacy on WhatsApp. It is your decision to hide or display your online status. Take full advantage of this incredible feature from WhatsApp and stay online whenever you want without others knowing!


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