Is it Safe to Download Apks? Find Out Expert’s Advice

One of the best features of Android for users is the amount of access it provides. Unlike Apple, Android allows you to do a lot more on your handset when it comes to software installation.

The only way to run software on an iPhone is via the App Store or through jailbreaking it. Android, on the other hand, allows users to access applications from the Google Play Store or by using an APK file to sideload them.

On an Android smartphone, sideloading an app using APK files is quite easy. All you have to do is allow Unknown Sources in the privacy settings. After that, you open the APK file you want to sideload. The following move is to install the app that came wrapped in the APK format.

Although those steps are easy, there are a few things you should be mindful of. If you download applications from Google Play, you never have to think about hacks or viruses. This is because using Google Play is by far the best alternative available.

Hackers are still taking advantage of free software available to consumers to install viruses and malware on it. As a result, certain APK files can be malicious. However, this does not deter many users from using APK files in the first place. The best way to protect yourself from APK dangerous files is to follow these steps:


The VirusTotal website is one of the easiest places and checks to see if the APK file you want to install on your Android device is secure. This website allows you to scan APK files for problems, such as viruses. You simply upload the APK file to the website.

The only disadvantage of using VirusTotal is that the APK file cannot be greater than 128MB in size. Since most games these days are typically larger than this, the site will not work with such APK files. Nonetheless, if you have an APK file of less than 128MB, it is a very helpful option.

See Also:

Droid Hash

The Hash Droid software is another app that will help you verify the protection of an APK file. Hash Droid allows you to verify the hash of an APK file. When it comes to APK archives, this is important. The explanation for this is that the SHA in every file is regarded as its digital fingerprint.

You may determine if the app’s digital fingerprint applies to the APK file by inspecting the SHA. If they don’t fit, the APK file is unsafe.

NViso ApkScan

Since it is an APK scanning tool, the name says it all. NViso ApkScan can assist you in determining the safety of the APK file you wish to sideload. When you install the software on your Android computer and use it to search the APK file, NViso provides you with a comprehensive report.

When it comes to testing APK directories, the great thing about NViso is that there is no size limit. It is also very fast and simple to use. Independence comes at a cost, and your Android devices are no exception.

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