Jt WhatsApp APK Download (Whatsapp+ JiMods) | Latest Version 2022

JT Whatsapp is also known as Whatsapp+ JiMods. This Whatsapp is basically Whatsapp plus with some more features. It is a well-known jtwhatsapp mod for its features of editing and customization. It also comes with many other features such as the sending limit is increased up to 30MB per file and much more. You can hide your last seen and can freeze it too in the mod WhatsApp Apk.

JT Whatsapp is an alternative to official Whatsapp, which is basically a modified Whatsapp with many themes and features. In this Whatsapp mod, you get 60+ unique and customizable themes.

You can also read the deleted messages, statuses, and chats of whatsapp jt with this modded Whatsapp Apk. In the mod Apk, you can hide and freeze you are last seen to, you can also enable flight mode in the Whatsapp JT for going offline without turning off the data. Here are some of the major features of the Whatsapp mod Apk.



 Features of JT Whatsapp:

  • Unique Themes:

JT Whatsapp has a very unique theme library for Whatsapp themes. These themes are not available on the other Whatsapp mods. This Whatsapp gives you the power to customize all the themes according to your need. You can also customize the fonts, texts, chats, and features of Whatsapp in this mod Apk. With the help of these unique themes, you can become a different type of Whatsapp user in comparison to your friends. You can impress them with the very unique interface of your jtwhatsapp Nueva versión 2022.

  • More File Size and More Words:


In Whatsapp, you can send almost all types of files such as PDFs, Docx, images, Xls, and much more. On the official Whatsapp, you can only send the file of 16MB, which makes you very limited while sending larger files. But, in this modded Whatsapp, the file size is increased up to 30MB per file. It means you can send twice the size of files now with the JT Whastapp Apk.

In Whatsapp, you can add more words to your Whatsapp status. The official Whatsapp allows you 160 words per status but in this jtwhatsapp 8.31 apk mod, you can upload 200+ words on your Whatsapp status.

  • Hiding / Freezing Last Seen:

If you are online but don’t want to chat with someone or want to show that you are not present you can use the freeze last seen feature of jtwhatsapp 2022. It will pause your last seen and no one will be able to see your presence on Whatsapp. You can be safer and more secure with the help of this feature. Now, you can ignore your friends without making excuses due to freezing is the last seen feature of this mod.


  • Fast and Secure:

The JT Whatsapp is much faster than other jtwhatsapp 8.48 descargar such as GBWhatsapp, OG Whatsapp, Whatsapp plus, etc. Now, you can send and receive texts faster than ever. It is also faster than the official Whatsapp. descargar jtwhatsapp 2022 is 100% safe and secure to use. You will never face any kind of privacy issue while using this mod apk. It is a virus-free and clean mod apk, which you can use for your personal purposes.

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  • How to download and install JT Whatsapp?

Thinking about downloading the latest and updated version of JT Whatsapp? Here is the complete step-by-step guide for downloading and installing the mod actualizar jtwhatsapp 2022 into your android device carefully.

  • How to download the Whatsapp mod apk in an android device?

  • Click on the download button and wait
  • The download will begin shortly.
  • Select the path to save the Whatsapp mod Apk
  • Click on okay to start the download.
  • It will take a few minutes to be installed completely
  • That’s all you have to do for downloading Whatsapp JT on your android device
  • Steps for installing the modified Whatsapp?

  • Go to the settings of your phone and enable unknown source installation

  • Now, go to the download folder
  • Click on the apk and click on the install button

  • It will take few minutes to install.

  • Now, go to the app section and enjoy the latest Whatsapp JT mod 2022.



  • FAQs?

  • Why should we use JT Whatsapp?

You should use JT Whatsapp if you want unique themes and more features than the other Whatsapp mods. It is also more stable and fast than the other Whatsapp mod Apks.

  • Is it safe to use JT Whatsapp?

Yes, it is completely secure and safe to use. You will never face any problems while using this  Whatsapp.

  • Conclusion:

JT Whatsapp is an updated and more features added version of Whatsapp plus. In this mod Apk, Whatsapp plus is merged with JiMods, which offers more features than Whatsapp+. It is also more fast and more secure than other Whatsapp. The themes of this WhatsApp are more unique and beautiful than other mods.

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