Best Places To Learn Android Development In 2021

The technology Era is at its peak and surrounds Operating systems, and it is challenging for an ordinary person to choose which is best, but since google announced its best learn android development operating system, developers immediately rushed to learn this most advanced and modest technology. & Mashable .com released their report, soon the android operating system will penetrate the nook and corner of the world and lead 80% of overall smartphone sales.

From where I should learn Android Development in 2021? Asked by majority of Developers, who want to become industry expert by completing courses all around world, but due to this Big world crises of lockdown got stuck to home.

Kotlin and Java are two most key programming languages will every android developer need to learn. Since google announced in 2017 Kotlin as official programming language for learn android dev, before developers used Java as well.

Here we have enlisted some best resources to sign up with and get your dreams become a reality by learning most widely adopted mobile android development. As Kotlin is official, but still java can be learned for android development.

Android Development by Java:

Code Gym

Code gym is online Java coding learning program, which are design as easier as possible, its 500 hrs. coding practice course from scratch and even best for beginners to advanced level, by the end of course, you will be Java master and learn android studio as well.

Android Development by Kotlin:

  1. Google code labs
  2. Coursera
  3. Udemy
  4. Udacity
  5. edX
  6. Pluralsight
  7. Vogella
  8. Simplilearn
  9. The New Boston
  10. Raywenderlich

See Also:

Google CodeLabs

Its an official website by google which is even good for beginners, learn android application development has best courses with hands on practices and attached tutorials. Likewise, we learn any language to speak fluently and correctly we need practice same for coding as many hands-on practices will perform more you will be expert of that coding language.

Code labs contain code libraries to learn from scratch and build your first android app, android programmers also has big resources to practice for make changes or adding more functionalities in existing codes.


A well-known website founded by Stanford’s universities professors which in collaboration of many organizations, companies and universities help students to leaern android app development online and get diplomas, certificates and even degree as well in every field of life like IT, medical, medicines, business and personal developments.


Udemy is a platform helps students to connect with best instructor online internationally and get help regarding their subjects to fulfil their goals in life. Udemy is best platform for students and even for instructors as well, if you are best in any subject prepared course and launched on Udemy and start instant earnings.


Udacity is a self-learning platform where you can find latest technology-based courses to make your learning up to date and got newest skill that help you to get your dream place.

Udacity with collaboration with google launched an android base nanodegree program, for learn android programming from beginners’ level to intermediate to become certified professional android developers.


edX, a nonprofit online learning platform(website), offers courses for students globally. Idea behind this learning platform is allow access of students from all over world to highly latest education and find out their potential free of cost.


Pluralsight is another online learning website, mainly designed all video based online courses which you can find of your interest on Home page. Pluralsight offers android development Kotlin based programming language which is easiest and newest coding language to make students capable to build interactive androids app themselves.


If you are into Android development programming and want an absolutely free online learning resource Vogella is best choice for you. This is a top website have cover tutorials for androids development apps in almost every aspects.


Simplilearn, now become more popular because of its certification in short courses almost in wide range of topics to get boost to your skill and career. They also offer post-graduation programs and earn certificate by learn from experts of most leading universities and institution.

For android developers they offer java-based certification training courses.

The New Boston

The New Boston is actually an Androids development learning tutorial-based YouTube channel by developers for developers. They form an interacting open-source community and make up tutorials with most advance programming language and easiest for everyone who by implement will get results.


Raywenderlich was designed and launched for android’s development learning community, before by learn java for android development coding programming language now Kotlin programming language is implement.

They designed their development tutorials to enhance skill set and provided latest content for user should learn up to date information.


These are some best possible online resources which everyone interested in learning android development in 2021, as these are totally online based so no need to learn in a single go in spite your can go through course by your pace and feel easy.

This will not only help to get an latest skill also helps to get latest updating in development field by opting them you will groom yourself even in your existing skill.

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