How to Lock & Hide WhatsApp Chat in 2022 [Easy Trick]


Numerous people nowadays wonder how to lock WhatsApp because they want to ensure the privacy of their day-to-day conversations. WhatsApp is a platform that is a cross-platform messaging service that is regularly used worldwide, which is providing its best services to Android, IOS, windows phone, and blackberry users and the best part is that WhatsApp is available for desktop computers as well.

On the other hand, this messaging App is not secure as it is supposed to be, as millions of people are using WhatsApp as an easy way of communication for their personal and business usage as well. WhatsApp must ensure more security for its users. But the situation is changed now as WhatsApp has introduced two-step verification to secure our personal data along with our conversations.

However, the WhatsApp window is not locked when you close the WhatsApp, rather it remains unlocked and anybody can access it through multiple hacking apps, etc. Therefore, it is very significant to lock WhatsApp your WhatsApp properly.

There are numerous ways to lock your WhatsApp on Android or IOS mobile. The first one is to enable inbuilt two steps verification on WhatsApp, the second one is that you can make use of the third-party app that will others to get access to your WhatsApp.

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Enabling 2-step verification on WhatsApp for Android Users

This method is quite easy and less time consuming as this is an inbuilt feature of WhatsApp

This feature is available for android and IOS users as well. Therefore, to enable 2 step verification on WhatsApp you must follow these steps:

  • Open your WhatsApp and go to the setting section by taping on the three-dotted button.
  • Then, go to Account and click Two-step verification.
  • At the next preface, you will see an option called Enable. Tap on it.
  • Then the system will ask you to enter 6 digits passcode code, and WhatsApp will demand that specific code when you open WhatsApp the very next time.
  • Furthermore, you might enter your email account ID so that you can easily retrieve your passcode, in case you forget.

Here you go, and if you want to edit or replace your email ID you can do it by tapping Settings, your account, and lastly two-step verifications.

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Enable two-step verification on IOS:

WhatsApp two-step verification can also be enabled on an IOS by following a few ways steps:

  • Go to your updated WhatsApp version on your IOS. As it shows all the icons in the lower bar so
  • Switch to the settings icon
  • Then tap account two-step verification.
  • Enter 6-digit passcode and enter your email address twice and press enables button.

Now your WhatsApp is absolutely protected and the system will require this 6-digit authentication code frequently to make sure that no one else is using your WhatsApp.

The second way is to use multiple apps through which you can lock your WhatsApp. There are many apps available that can lock your WhatsApp in a few minutes. Some of them are stated below:

CM Security Applock (Android, Free)

CM Security Applock for Android is a commonly used app for Android to lock a specific app that you need to. This is accessible for Android 2.3.3 and the advanced versions. Talking about its functions, you can not only lock WhatsApp, rather you can hide private chats and many more. This app offers a completely secure system for Android mobiles. On top of that, you can also lock your WhatsApp with your fingerprint if your mobile supports this feature as well.  This app is available for free.

AppLock (iOS, Android)

As the name expresses, this is also one of the free Android apps that permit its users to lock WhatsApp through password or pattern lock. This is accessible for Android 2.3, and it is very easy to use. It requires a password each time whenever you open your WhatsApp. Additionally, its features are very easy and you will not face any complexity while applying them on your phone the preface is also quite attractive. You can purchase extra features at cheap rates as well.

Lockit App for Android

  • Install the Lockit app on your Android-powered phone, For instance, Samsung.HTC.LG, OPPO, Nexus, and Huawei, etc.
  • Then the app preface will show you all the installed apps listed on your mobile.
  • Then you must click on WhatsApp to lock it by entering a strong passcode.
  • Consequently, the Lockit app will lock your WhatsApp instantly with a lock.

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