9 Tips to make your Android More secure IN 2021 from Hacking

Securities issues with smartphones are getting momentum day by day. Finally, there is a better time to gain awareness of how to protect your data from risk.

 So, what will be your strategy to protect yourself?

Here are 9 ways to keep your Android safe from hackers.

These are in general pretty simple, but I would like to grab your attention towards security by avoid complicated wrong thing which are actually fancy despite of think about security while doing safe things.

Tip #1:

Only buy your android phone hacking from venders who release patch frequently, the reason behind is google will make sure that Android will get freshest updates. By this way device will updates its newest security patches as they are released.

Tip #2

Lock Your phone; it is a simple step? But you know, people still do not do it, yes trust me. As a result, your phone will be more likely to get into trouble even by pickpocket snatcher those will running wild with your credit card accounts.

By these your phone will get infected by Malware locking is crucial for our phones, but how to secure android phone from hackers

  • PIN verifications,
  • fingerprints, and
  • patterns

these are really giving good results and are still recommended. Voice recognition, iris scanning is more breakable in comparison and good to go with for perfect protection.

Tip # 3

Use 2-factor authentication. It adds a second-best layer of protection for your prevent phone hackers account in addition to your username and password. It actually helps add something you have to something you know, which first verifies you and grants you access. While you locked down your phone, just add google services should get lockdown as well. Of course, the best way for this is Google’s own two-factor authentication.

Tips # 4

Only use apps from the google play stores. mostly android app to block hackers smartphones get Malware from unreliable third-party application sources although it in return cause damage to your Android. Fake apps make their way to the google play store from time to time, you can differentiate them by noticing who is messages premium-rate text services, but there are exceptions. Google is continuously working to make the play store safer like; google play protect automatically scans your device from Malware whenever you install any program.

Control this by going to settings > security > play protect.

Tips #5

Avoid free WIFI; like all other free things, we think free public WIFI is more than a blessing. Public Wi-Fi provides a fast internet connection for the device without any cost. But are you aware of their harms?

Let me take you to get into it to explain thoroughly. More pronouncedly, these are unsecured network connections could cause destruction for your personal information. This will be like a breeze for a hacker and thief to connect to a free Wi-Fi like you, and once you both are on the same network, they can easily see all information you are sending to the internet, for Wi-Fi security stick you a secure connection. But what if you want to use free Wi-Fi? Then go to the next tip these is tip # 6.

Tip #6

Use a secure VPN. If you are in your office coffee shop or in remote work from your own office, we all prefer to use this free Wi-Fi!! Yes, we all do! Unaware that we all are taking a big chance when we do that, how will you make yourself safer in this situation? when you want to use, always use VPN (a mobile virtual private network); in my personal experience, I would suggest an F-secure freedom VPN, solid VPN unlimited, Nord VPN, remote internet access, and to guard. But what if you don’t want to do it? No matter how tempted you may be to use a free VPN service, none of them work worth it.

Tip# 7

Password management, I would suggest you choose from

  • Using same password for everything is like a dumb!
  •  Write down your complex, unique passwords on paper (definitely a bad idea as it sounds).
  • Don’t put your passwords over sticky notes on your PC screen.
  • Memorized your password!! Ahh, terrible.
  • Use a password management program.

Google devices like Android come with a built-in program, but you will put all your security eggs in one basket (cloud basket). I suggest you the password management program like LastPass, 1password, and dash lane.

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Tip #8

It is highly recommended if you are not using an app or a program in your device, uninstall it. Every block hackers app comes with its self-security issues, mostly android wonder doing good with their issues as fewer program doors you have in your device lesser chances of an attacker would have to get into your smartphones.

Tip #9

Pay great attention to permissions; most people, including myself, never even bother to install a new program in case of the permission section. However, we should have a critical eye over these because these are actually a way to spot potential threats. For example, if a new game you downloaded to kill sometimes needs access to your file system to run correctly, it is certainly no need to get access to your messages and location. So, be attentive when installing an application; you should go through the permission section before agreeing to their term, and if they ask for odd permission, do not download it.

Final words

Well, and that is all about everything. If you followed these steps and suggestions, you should be well on your way to better Android security, or you can say your phone will be safer, and privacy also makes sure to use biometrics like fingerprint or facial recognition for increased protection and always have a complex passcode or pattern for your password. If it won’t be perfectly safe, nothing in the world is!!! But!!You have to be much more vigilant and secure than you are now, and that’s not a small thing to do.

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