NSWhatsapp APK Free Download V9.0 Latest Version [Official] Anti-Ban 2022

There is a downside of official Whatsapp that you cannot share data above 20 MBs.  Different modified versions of the official Whatsapp service have been launched so far to cater to this issue. These modified Whatsapp versions offer a lot more features to the users than the official one. NS Whatsapp APK is one such mod of Whatsapp equipped with more fun and hundreds of exciting features.

The NS Whatsapp APK is currently one of the most well-known mobile applications across the world. It is considered to be the most consumed mobile messaging application with more than a billion downloads. Although, it contains some similar features as official Whatsapp. However, you will be glad to know that they have a lot to offer. So, stay tuned to learn more about it.

The NS Whatsapp is an entirely customizable apk file. Using this app, you can easily change the chat color, style, application icon, and notification bar as you need. This article contains all the necessary information about NS WhatsApp APK, So stay tuned.



Features of NS WhatsApp APK:

If you compare NS WhatsApp APK with official WhatsApp, NS WhatsApp offers a lot more comparatively. You can enjoy some extra features in the NS WhatsApp mod that aren’t available in the official version. Some of these features are:

  • Privacy:

You will find more privacy options in NS Whatsapp APK mod than in the official WhatsApp version. You can now easily hide your status, blue ticks, white ticks, seen info, and even delivery reports while using this mod of WhatsApp. You can also hide your chats for improved privacy.

  •  Media sharing:

In the official WhatsApp version, you cannot download an audio file with a size of more than 20 MB. However, with this new NS WhatsApp mod, you can easily download and share up to 300 MBs of audio files. Even video files of up to 1GB can easily be shared using this fantastic app.

  •  Font size and styles:

There are many built-in font options available on mobile phones. However, NS WhatsApp APK offers you many font styles, sizes, and colors. You can choose any of them to make your conversation look stylish and unique.

  • Video sharing in status:

On the official WhatsApp, you cannot share a video of more than 30 seconds duration. However, this unique app makes it easy to share a video of up to 7 minutes straight, that too, without splitting it into three or more sections.

  •  Ban proof APK:

This mod of WhatsApp is ban-free. The developers claim that this app is safe to operate on smartphones and other devices. There is no restriction over this application by the WhatsApp privacy agencies.

  •  Themes:

This NS WhatsApp APK offers a lot of exciting themes to transform the interface of APK completely. You can easily change the icon, the background of chats and contacts, colors and themes as per your desire. Though there are many themes available in this app, you can still download many others of your choice.

  • Updates quickly:

Whenever it is connected to the internet, this mod quickly updates itself. Now, you don’t need any formal steps to update the NS WhatsApp mod. You’ll automatically get the latest features whenever the app updates.

  • Basic information:

The original name of GB WhatsApp is NS WhatsApp 3D APK. You can easily find this mod of Whatsapp with the title NS Whatsapp 3D. The file size is merely 45.07 MBs and is previously updated in 2022. For the successful and smooth running of this application, the minimum requirement is 4.0.


  • How to install NS Whatsapp APK 3D:

It’s very easy to install NS Whatsapp APK on your phone. Though it’s a third-party application that is not available on the Google play store. But there is nothing to worry about it. We will guide you about its complete installation process in this article. It’s also available on the NS WhatsApp official page.

Follow these simple steps to download this NS WhatsApp on your mobile phones,

  • To download this app, visit the official NS WhatsApp APK page.

  •  The downloading option is available there.
  •  Click on the download button to save this APK file in the download folder of your phone.
  •  Wait till your phone downloads the file.

  • Once its download, launch the app to create an account.
  •  Customize the features accordingly

  •  Welcome to a new world of Whatsapp messaging with a whole new lot of features and fun.


  • Final thoughts:

All the added features offered by NS WhatsApp APK mode are unique and exciting and are not available in any other WhatsApp version. You can easily download it by following the simple steps mentioned above and enjoy the best-rated messaging app with amazing and unique features on your device.

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