How to Restore WhatsApp backup from Google Drive?

The most famous messaging platform, WhatsApp, allows you to have a backup file of all your chats and media. Backing up your data is easy, but major complications arise when it comes to restoring all of it safely. Read on to follow a Step-by-step guide on how to restore your important data on your new phone in different scenarios.

As long as you actively use your phone, the backup remains safely with you. it takes around 60 days of device inactivity for the entire backup file to be permanently deleted. To ensure that this does not happen, keep track of all updates so that your information is safe.

How to Restore Backup to a new phone?

To restore all of your backed up data, you need the same number and Google Drive account with which it was saved. On your new phone:

  1. First uninstall WhatsApp, and then reinstall it
  2. Open WhatsApp and enter your number (which was used to backup your data)
  3. Verify your number with the code that WhatsApp sent to you
  4. Now, click on the RESTORE button to restore all your previous chats, media and other data
  5. Once this restoration process is complete, click on NEXT
  6. Allow a few processes to take place for successful restoration.
  7. Once the initialization is complete, you will be able to see your chats
  8. Your media files will be restores after your entire chat history is done.

How to Restore Backups from a Local Backup?

There may be a few scenarios where people do not back up their data in their Google Accounts. When this happens, you need to use a local backup to restore all your data. For this, you need your old phone, new phone, a computer, file explorer or SD Card.

  1. Install a file manager app on your old phone
  2. Navigate to sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases in the file manager app.
  3. If you cannot do this, then go to “internal storage” or “main storage” instead of clicking on “sdcard”
  4. Look for the backup file of WhatsApp. Rename the file, making sure that you do not change the number of the crypt extension. For example, if the file was named “msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt12”, you can rename it to “msgstore.db.crypt12”.
  5. Now, uninstall WhatsApp from your new phone and then reinstall it
  6. Click on the RESTORE button. Once all the processes and initializations are successfully completed, you will be able to view all of your previous chat history.

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How to transfer WhatsApp messages from an Android to an Apple?

Transferring whatsapp data between different operating systems is a bit harder, but not impossible. If you follow these steps, you can safely transfer whatsapp chats and media without any complications. You will need a computer, an old and new phone and a USB cord to connect the two phones.

  1. First install the MobileTrans-Whatsapp Transfer app in your device. It allows you to easily transfer whatsapp data from your old smartphone to a new one. It is a widely used and trusted app which supports numerous operating systems including Apple, Android and iOS.
  2. On your computer, Run the MobileTrans app.
  3. Click on the “WhatsApp Transfer” button from the primary window options.
  4. Now, connect both of your phones (old and new) to your computer using a USB or any other reliable equipment.
  5. In the subsequent window, click on “WhatsApp” and choose the “Transfer WhatsApp Messages” option
  6. From the bottom right corner of the screen, click on Start. Your data will automatically start being transferred from the source Android to the recipient Android.
  7. In case the phones are not under the correct labels, you can click on the Flip button.
  8. Make sure that both of your phones remain connected throughout the entire process.
  9. You can disconnect your phones once the data transfer is complete.


These are the best ways to restore your WhatsApp data without risking its safety. The MobileTrans app method is highly recommended as it is the safest user-friendly option. Once your data is successfully transferred, you can start using WhatsApp normally without the fear of your chats or media being deleted.

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