How to send Bold, Underline and Strikethrough text on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has over a million active users that use this Facebook-owned messaging platform on a daily basis. It can easily be labeled as the most famous messaging app thanks to its powerful features and user-friendly interface. One of these incredible features allows you to use different font styles for your texts such as Bold, Underlined, Strikethrough, and more. This feature is especially useful when you are sending a formal message to someone and need to format your text in a certain way. Whether it is for work purposes or simply for entertainment, read on to learn how to format your text in different ways:

How to make your text Bold on WhatsApp?

It is very easy to make your text bold. All you have to do is put asterisks (*) on both sides of the text. Here is a sample: *Making Text Bold on WhatsApp*

Once you place the second asterisk, your text automatically turns bold. It will look like this: Making Text Bold on WhatsApp

  • How to Strikethrough your text on WhatsApp?

The method to strikethrough your text on WhatsApp is very similar to making it bold and just as easy. The main difference is that instead of an asterisk, you use a tilde (~) at the start and end of the text message. Here is a sample: ~How to Strikethrough text on WhatsApp~

WhatsApp will automatically format the text as soon as you enter the second tilde and your text will have a strikethrough.

How to make your text Italic on WhatsApp?

To make your text Italic, you must add an underscore (_) at the beginning and end of your text. For example: _Italicizing text on WhatsApp_

After you have placed the second underscore, WhatsApp will italicize the text for you and it will look like this: Italicizing text on WhatsApp

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How to add a monospace to your text on WhatsApp?

In order to monospace your text, you need to add three backticks (‘’’) at the start and end of your message. For example: “`Making your text monospace on WhatsApp“`

Your text will be monospace as soon as you place the last three backticks and the result will look like this: Making your text monospace on WhatsApp

  • How to underline your text on WhatsApp?

Underlining your text is a bit trickier than the other format texts. But that does not mean that it cannot be done. For this, you first need to download and install the Blue words App

  • Download and install the Blue words App on your phone
  • Open the application after it is successfully installed on your phone
  • Click on the Underline option in the app. Type out the message which you want to send.
  • Click on the Share option at the top right corner of the screen
  • A page will pop up containing a list of applications. Choose the application in which you want to apply the underline format. In this case, click on WhatsApp
  • Select the contact with which you want to share this underlined message
  • Click on the tick at the bottom right corner of the screen and hit send!

Shortcuts to add format styles to your texts:

If it is hard for you to remember the different functions for each of the formats, there is an alternate way that is much easier and simpler. Follow these steps for a shortcut to apply bold, italics, monospace, strikethrough, or underline to your text.

  1. Using an Android:
  2. After typing out the text, long press it and select the part which you would like to format
  3. A small menu will pop up
  4. Choose Bold or Italic from the menu
  5. Click on the three dots (More) for more options such as strikethrough and monospace
  6. Using an iPhone:
  7. Type the text and press on it for a long time. Select the words which you want to format
  8. From the menu which pops up, click on “B I U”
  9. Now choose the format which you want to add for example bold, italic, monospace, italic.

Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts for underlining your text. The only way to do so is to download the Blue words App as we have mentioned above.

These are all the different ways in which you can add formats to your text and make them more informative or professional. This large-scale messaging platform is used for all purposes from casual to business so it is important to make use of all its wonderful features in your texts.

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