WhatsApp Base ApK Download New Version

WhatsApp base is a famous messaging app known as a modded version of WhatsApp. A modded version means that the original app is altered and various other features have been added to it.

It has several advantages over the standard version of WhatsApp. The design of this modified WhatsApp form is straightforward and decent. Other than design, the thoughts behind its making were more leaned toward the privacy of its users. So, the first priority of the WhatsApp base is to keep its users safe. After this, it has other features which you can read about in this article. This article will also answer most of your questions and guide you about the steps to download WhatsApp base for free.

Steps To Install WhatsApp Base APK:

The steps mentioned below will help you to download WhatsApp for your android.

  • Firstly, check if your phone has permission to install from unknown sources.
  • If not, reach your setting and enable the option “Unknown sources” from there.
  • The next thing to do is to write “download WhatsApp base apk” in the web browser of your phone or laptop. You can download it from any web browser such as google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, internet explorer, etc.
  • The search results for your search will appear on your screen.
  • Click on the link and the page where you can download the newest updated version of WhatsApp will appear.
  • Now, hit the button for “download” and you are done.

Next Step After Installing WhatsApp Base:

So many people often get confused that it is a different app and they need directions to know how to use it. We wrote this section to clear all those confusion.

  • The first thing you guys need to know is that it is very similar to WhatsApp so it can be operated in the same way.
  • Go to your app and click on it.
  • They will ask for your number, your name, backups, and your profile picture, just like the original WhatsApp.
  • Fill in all the information they ask for. The app will be ready for you to use at this stage.
  • But if you want, you can change your privacy, download some new themes, hide last seen/status/typing/ online status, etc. from the settings. In this way, you will be able to use it according to your own choice.

Why You Should Use WhatsApp Base?

The world is developing rapidly and we do need to get accustomed to it. Because technology is becoming a part of our world so fast and soon, we will not be able to work without technology. WhatsApp base is one of those tools of technology that are helping us to keep up with the world. It has hundreds of features that make it an outstanding app. You can communicate with people from other countries through its translating tool, can create themes in your own way, view status without being noticed, etc. In short, if you want an app that works in the same way as WhatsApp, using this WhatsApp will be the right choice for you.

Some Specialties Of WhatsApp Base Mod:

Now, we will tell you about some specialties of WhatsApp base that make it an incredible app.


While using modded versions of WhatsApp, users are most concerned about their privacies. This WhatsApp comes with good privacy policies. Just like normal WhatsApp, its chats are secure by encryption and your data won’t be leaked to anyone.

Save Status In The Gallery:

It is quite relatable that sometimes we want to download a friend’s status to save it. However, WhatsApp has restrictions on downloading the status. In this case, you can WhatsApp base to save that status on your phone.

Regular Updates:

The most recent version of WhatsApp base is WhatsApp base 2022. In addition to this, WhatsApp updates on a daily basis so whichever version you are using is the latest version.

Availability of dark mode:

This is going to be the favorite feature of everyone for sure. It has a dark mode which can help you see things better, save the charging of your phone, and look pleasing to your eyes.

Improved Privacy System:

WhatsApp has enhanced its privacy. So, you can keep your last seen hidden, show only a grey tick even if you have seen messages, and many more innovative functions.

Some other features include seeing deleted messages, can hide that you’ve heard a voice note, and anti-ban. If you want to know other features, you can download WhatsApp and get its highly-developed features.

Note: WhatsApp mix, WhatsApp Akr, WhatsApp TM, WhatsApp YM are some other amazing modded versions of WhatsApp which can be downloaded from our web service.


Most websites say that it is legal to use. But, an honest answer to this is it is neither illegal nor legal to use.  But, one thing that is for sure is that it has not caused any kind of harm to the users.

Yes! It is compulsory. You cannot put the same number in two similar messaging apps. So, if you wish to use WhatsApp and WhatsApp base you will need to make two different accounts on two other numbers.

Yes! WhatsApp base keeps your chats and your personal information secure. As it is mentioned above, the first concern behind the development of this app was to keep information about its users safe so you can use it without worrying.

Conclusive Paragraph:

WhatsApp base is a well-developed free WhatsApp mod having a number of specialties. While using WhatsApp base mod, you are capable of downloading status, concealing the fact that you are typing, recording a voice note, online status and seeing a message, etc., and much more.  It is easy to use and can be downloaded easily as well.  It is a free and interesting messaging app that can make your chats fun. So, download it now and add more colors to your life.

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