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Are you tired of heavy application like WhatsApp that demands a lot of your device storage, uses various device sources, kills the battery faster, and consumes background data resulting in freezing?  If yes, then you are at the right place. We have an amazing alternative for you that can solve all of your problems. Whatsapp Lite is an amazing app that is built as an alternative for those who love to connect socially through WhatsApp but are tired of its heavy demands.

Whatsapp Lite is a famous instant messaging app that provides free messages, audio, and video call services. Watsapp lite apk is good with low-end devices like low and medium androids. It does not demand large storage for working. It uses the battery in a normal way and also has been proved very economical in terms of processing speed. Watsapp lite apk is the best app for messaging. You can also make audio as well as video call using this app and talk to your loved ones whenever and wherever you want.

Latest Features Of WhatsApp Lite:

  • Watsapp lite web:

Most messaging apps use WhatsApp API. Unlike those applications, WhatsApp lite has a QR Code scanning system. It contains a QR code that can be scanned by your PC. Just go to settings and click “web option” and scan the QR code just like official WhatsApp settings. It is best for commercial and personal use.

  • No last seen:

Are you tired of people who disturb you when you are online? Do you want to keep your life private by not showing your last scene?  If yes, then the WhatsApp lite apk has an amazing feature for you. Just go to setting and click “hide last seen” and there you are. Now no one can see your stats or last seen.  Congrats, WhatsApp lite saved you.

  • Less storage required:

This is the best feature of WhatsApp lite. This is device friendly. Does not demand large storage. It is light in weight. You can easily download it without any issue of freezing.

  • Save your status:

Watsapp does not allow its users to save any status. What if you liked a video and want to download it? Well, WhatsApp lite has something amazing for you. This app allows you to download any status you like without any resistance. Now you can enjoy it offline as well. The file will appear in your storage after downloading.

  • Record your call:

Another interesting feature of WhatsApp lite is that you can record the calls using this tool. If you want to record something important, a deal, or maybe a contract you can easily record it and use it in the future.

  • Chatting interface available:

This is another amazing feature of the application. Watsapp lite apk enables you to select the format of chatting.

Speciality Of Whatsapp Lite:

  • Low battery usage:

Unlike other heavy applications, WhatsApp lite consumes battery slowly. It does not use background data. It is very light application and does not eat up battery fastly.

  • Only for Androids:

This tool is good for low and medium androids.  It is not for iOS.

  • No restriction for play store users:

If you are a play store user you can use WhatsApp lite without any restriction.

  • Security:

Whatsapp lite provides you with security. All of your messages are stored with numbers. It does not share your information with any other platform.

  • No need to save the contact:

If you are using the official WhatsApp, you have to save the number first to contact the person or to add it in any group. But in the case of WhatsApp lite, you don’t have any need to save the number.

  • No need to block WhatsApp:

If you are using this tool, you don’t have any need to block WhatsApp, just set up and send your messages without any restriction.

Steps To Install Watsapp Lite:

If you want to have this amazing application in your device then just follow some simple steps below.

  • First thing first, open your browser and search for “Watsapp lite”
  • Secondly, look for the download page and click on the “download” button, as a result, the APK file will appear on your device
  • Now go to your device settings and look for “security settings”
  • “Install apps from unknown resources” enable this option
  • Wait for the installation process to be completed. After installation is completed, just open the app and enjoy its amazing features.

Why Should I Download “Watsapp lite”?

If this question is appearing in your mind then you are in the right place. Unlike official WhatsApp, “Watsapp lite” is light weight app that provides you enjoyment with its free messaging services. Also has audio and video call features with recording options. You can download it without any fear of damaging your device. This app neither has heavy battery usage nor demands large storage devices. It also enables you to save the status you like. All these features are unique to this application. So what are you waiting for?


It is very easy. Just open your app, go to app settings, and click on “hide my last seen” and no one will be able to see your last seen.

WhatsApp Lite better version of Watsapp which has been developed for those who want to connect socially without barriers. It is good for low-end devices. It does not harm your device in any way.

No, it’s not. This application is device friendly and you don’t have any need to free large space to use this app.

Open your “Watsapp lite” application, go to the status bar, open the status you want to download, click on download and the file will appear on your device shortly.

This app has no limit. You can download as many statuses as you want.

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