WhatsApp Plus 2 APK Free Download [Official] New Version 2022

Do you feel bored while using the same Whatsapp plus 8.26 apk for months to years? What if you get the option to customize your WhatsApp everything like theme, color, and even fonts?

WhatsApp Plus APK is like a modified WhatsApp application developed for users to have more versatile and excellent functionalities. This app provides brand new freedom of enjoying your privacy with its “Hide” options and takes away all not likable one’s features.

I mean, if you want to stay online without getting interrupted by the people seeing you online, oh man! This apk mode got you. 

This app is becoming a favorite for teens and elders who are looking for newness. You can relish this picture-perfect user interface with more than 700 themes with this Golden-Logo-WhatsApp

WhatsApp Plus APK Details:

Name WhatsApp Plus APK
Version Latest
Android Requires 5.0+
Size 52.3 MB
License Type Freeware
Last Updated One day ago


What is WhatsApp Plus APK?

A very analogous standard WhatsApp performs the same functions, available for public use in 2012, by Rafale, a developer, and senior XDA member who modified the original WhatsApp plus apk download 2020 app to build this app. He refurbished a new technology and implemented an advanced user interface. Initially, it has a green logo which changes to gold in color in the latest version.

In addition, more functionalities were introduced, which I will cover later in this article. WhatsApp Plus uses holistic massage functionality along with other original WhatsApp features.


Although the internal configuration of this App and whatsapp plus 2 is identical, it has all of the original app’s features. However, there are some new features available which we’ll tell you worth discussing.

  • Multiple Themes:

Users can select from a variety of themes that are creative, flexible, and visually pleasing. Moreover, whatsapp plus 6.72 apk can easily customize the entire interface like Text, buttons, and graphics in composition and colors, which was impossible for the original WhatsApp app. 

Furthermore, whatever visual appearance you like, you can use it very easily whenever you want. There are 700 plus theme options available in the library, so no need to download any additional themes, WhatsApp plus automatically organizes name date, and edition by just choosing the theme.

  • Various Emoticons:

The original WhatsApp plus apk download app includes emoticons, which help the interaction feel more authentic and emotional. However, WhatsApp plus has a giant emoticon library. It also has Google Hangouts emoticons for improved connectivity.

However, the only problem to gets enjoys these emoticons is to have the same version by recipients. So, if we share WhatsApp plus emoticons with standard WhatsApp users, these will not appear to them.

  • Cleaner:

This gives the user opportunity to uninstall all unwanted chats and other media more quickly and efficiently than the official app.

  • Desire to be Hide:

Standard WhatsApp users will be irritated by easy interruptions from others when busy with their work while using the app.

Whatsapp plus the latest version helps in hiding feature users can easily avail their privacy and perform their desired work by keeping themselves hide from others. 


  • Advance Media Sharing:

Initially, WhatsApp plus download the latest version of 2016 allows sharing of only 16MB files, which sometimes creates a conflict for users, but by using this advanced technology and the latest mod version, we can share files up to 50 MB.

Furthermore, WhatsApp plus allows more modification and advanced file-sharing options.


  • Recording Status:

Another exceptional feature of this modified app is to allow users to record others’ status for you than mask it and vice versa.


  • Auto-Reply:

Auto-reply to their customers by Business WhatsApp users in the standard app is obvious, mod Apk plus added more by means to create and deliver this recorded message to specific ones you like and general to others.

  • Wallpaper:

Another splendid feature of Plus WhatsApp plus old version is to allow you more enjoyable wallpapers unlimited in numbers and can be changed from recipient to recipient which one their choice or yours.


  • History and Logs:

Standard WhatsApp was not much more able to keep history and logs detailed as much, but this more advanced modified version of WhatsApp plus apk allows tracking all critical actions taken over accounts. This feature can make handier in many ways.

  • Fonts:

We usually get fed up with seeing the same fonts, colors, and designs all the time for all of our beloved connections, so downloading WhatsApp plus has an outstanding feature of a choose variety of fonts, sizes, patterns, and shapes for all of our recipients separately.



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The WhatsApp plus APK app is not only easy to use but also download it to your cell phone is a breeze. Down here is a simple step-by-step guide about downloading this mod apk and then updating it on your smartphones. This is really like an up-gradation of WhatsApp for users. 

  • Go to (our website domain), scroll down and find download button.
  • Click the download link(button) to get WhatsApp plus app latest 2021 version on your cell phone.


  • When you will install there will be an error apk not install! How do overcome this? Let me tell you.


  • Open your WhatsApp in mobile and go to a settings-chat backup that will help to get complete conversation backups.


  • After getting backup of all your conversations from standard WhatsApp app.


  • Uninstall official WhatsApp from the device. 


  • Then install WhatsApp plus on your cell phone, which you previously downloaded from our provided link now there will not be any error or you will get App installed message.
  • Now you will see it gives you to restore your data from your cell to WhatsApp plus.


  • Follow all installation that will automatically set up all by simply entering your cell number.


  • This can be verifying by OTP code or two step verification code.


  • You are good to go by adding your Name.
  • Congratulations now you have WhatsApp plus.



When we are more curious about chat history and WhatsApp backup provided by the official WhatsApp app, then definitely our first preference is to get all these features from the mod apk. 

The question raised in our mind will be whether this mod apk will also offer us to keep backup; if yes, how?

Here are some straightforward steps that, if we follow, we can get all necessary backup of your WhatsApp more pronounced than standard WhatsApp.



Step 1: Standard WhatsApp.

First, go to your official WhatsApp app and in the extreme right corner, there will be three dots click over them go to settings then click over backup and wait till it will completely back up your data.

You can recheck by clicking over My files and scrolling down there will be your store data, now you can uninstall your original WhatsApp.

Step 2: WhatsApp Plus.

Install your WhatsApp plus Apk, by following the steps already discussed above.

Step 3: Connecting.

 Now click on the installed mod Apk app, there will be 2 options restore or agree and continue, you will click over agree and continue, and by adding your number click to continue. It will be connecting with your WhatsApp number by code on your mobile number.

Follow all screen instructions by clicking continue and move on by allowing permission.

Step 4: File Manager.

Now moving to file manager and internal storage of WhatsApp folder. Select all previously stored data and copy them to the new WhatsApp folder by replacing apply to items. 

Step 5: Home.

As it will finish copying press the home button and allow permission now it will show you the restore data option.

Congratulation here we go, all data will be restored soon. Provide a name and other information.


  • Quick Updates:

Developers of this modified app are not releasing its updates compared to the original official app, so the user must have to wait for months to get some new updates to this.

Legal concerns 

It’s not an official app, can be undertaken in DMCA policy; that’s the main reason it’s not available in the Google play store, but its easily fully latest version is available on our website. This may sometimes create an app’s validity and legality concerns, and it will not be classified as the official original one, either lawful or unlawful.

  • Concerns over security:

It’s a tweaked version, not an official app, so there are chances of exposing your personal information to third parties (developers mostly), so you should use it with caution, especially when you are an expert on these tricks.


WhatsApp plus might be the best fit for you if you want a new range of themes and many file-sharing options. On the other hand, if you place a premium on protection overlooks, WhatsApp plus might not be for you.

Before moving to fantasies and glamour, this app allows you to think about its pros and cons and then decide.

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